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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Verneukpan, Northern Cape, South Africa


I think this is what my skin looks like at the moment.

It’s so crazily hot hot hot in Cape Town the last few days and nights, that it’s been almost impossible to work or sleep. And it looks set to continue for the rest of the week. I ended up in a pool of sweat today trying to assemble a fan, but now it’s spinning like a jet-engine, I’m its fan, and things are a lot cooler in the photo lair.

I don’t shoot black and white too often, but keep meaning to try more. This is a close up of the baked earth on the salt pan at Verneukpan in the Northern Cape, South Africa. It gets crazy hot out there too.

Verneukpan is well off the beaten track, and is the location of Malcolm Campbell’s unsuccessful 1929 attempt on the world land speed record in his car Bluebird. Remnants of his track can still be seen, and I got to take the Land Cruiser out for a land speed record attempt of my own. I think I managed not even near half of Campbell’s speed of about 350km, but that was scary enough driving off-road, even if it was a very smooth off-road.

But at least they don’t have speed traps out there … or much else for that matter.

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