Dolphin Beach

Table Mountain from Dolphin Beach


Table Mountain from Dolphin Beach

After feeling bad that I was neglecting my bag of Lee filters, I managed to get outdoors and use them for the second time in one week.

It’s been pouring with rain in Cape Town the last couple of days, and roads are turning to rivers, but fortunately the day before the rain started produced a brilliant sunset. On a tipoff from a photographer friend that the clouds would be good, I left work a bit early and braved the rush hour traffic to Dolphin Beach with its picture-postcard view of Table Mountain. Man, it’s stressful to be watching the sun going down while stuck in gridlock traffic, trying to get to the beach in time. But I did make it in time, and spent a good hour and a half snapping away several hundred shots. Everything just calms down the moment you get your legs (and your tripod’s legs) in the water and see this view. What a great city to live in!

There’s something super relaxing about shooting with filters. When you’re choosing between several filters and combos, assembling filter holders and adapter rings, all while trying not to get sand and fingerprints everywhere, you just need to slow right down. Then, once your kit is all assembled and your composition chosen, its just a matter of shooting away as the light changes and making sure the sea doesn’t wash all your expensive kit away. Getting your filters right also saves a huge amount of time on Photoshop later, with less or no need to combine multiple images to get the exposure right. I must have only spent ten minutes processing this image later that evening.

This shot was taken after the sun had already gone down, all the dog walkers had left, and the magical blue hour had started. I enjoy the way the slow shutter speed blurs the water.


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